In this blog, I begin to create ideas to help teenagers at home, and continue to socially distance myself, despite it being an important day, usually shared with your mum.

This Mothers day we were given a choice:

  • Do we:
  • A: See your 76 year old mum and give her the gift you bought her and put her at risk of death?
  • B: Not be a selfish twat, and instead deliver her present to her door step and have a chat with her on the doorstep and you up the garden path beyond the fence?
I chose option B

I am getting more and more frustrated at how idiotic alot of behaviour is. The bulk buying for example, as I searched in vain for eggs in the supermarket today, for my son to bake a cake. He is going to have to make a different sort of cake, but really.

The idiocy doesnt stop at the shopping. We’ve been told to socially isolate ourselves. All royal parks have now been closed, I believe. The National Trust, which had made its sites available access for all for no charge, to enable those cloistered up , free to walk about in the fresh air, have now had to shut them. Why?

Well, because some people don’t believe that the social isolation applies to them. To some this is simply an inconvenience and caring ideas like those from the National turst are used for picnics and get togethers.

What this means is the longer these ‘Coronics’ [as defined by the urban dictionary] behave like this, the longer we will have to isolate for, and the longer people are deprived of seeing their loved ones.

How to keep yourself busy in social isolation

I again spent the day in the garden with my 6 year old. Anything to be outside.

The tadpoles are doing well and getting bigger by the day. I have realised what an amazing learning experience this could be so will begin writing a class for ‘pondlife’ soon.


Obviously calls to your loved ones are essential. As I chatted to my mother on the phone, at length, she told me all about clearing out her shed, sorting and throwing away stuff , sorting out the the food cupboard and nearly everything else.

I think that to prevent us all slowly going bonkers– and there’s nothing wrong with having a super clean and tidy house, I wondered if its is not better that we all have projects to complete over the next few months. I have stared a blanket after all and have recently been taking online classes in art- in fact gave one of the watercolours to my mum as part of her present.

Apple Blosson. Part of the @annamason course

Maybe use this time to learn and develop.

No matter what they say, teenagers also need assuring

Chatting to my brother, I have decided to give my older children a project. I want them to develop and sort out the bottom of the garden and create an area for themselves to go and hang out. If we’d have had a spare room, it would have been that.

Its going to be a tricky time so in addition we have also decided to name our triggers and try and prevent the inevitable bust up from happening.


Heres a good idea (again credit to my brother who lives on a boat and knows a thing or two about living in a small space with another person).

With your loved ones, describe to them what it is that triggers you- what upsets you. For example; the bins never been taken out, shoes left for you to trip over- Some people it bothers them disproportionately. Others not so much

List these things and share them with your group, and then respect the other peoples choices and try not to upset or trigger them.


What I learned today

  • People can be dicks
  • I love my mother no matter what
  • Your indifferent teenagers need as much reassurance as your little 6 year olds do
  • Projects and things you can independently work at and take pride in are a good way to occupy your mind, why not create one?
  • Use this time at home to learn a new skill- you have the internet. Thank god its not 1918, with only a radio. What do you want to learn?
  • Share your vulnerabilities and weaknesses with your group to prevent them accidentally triggering you. Don’t assume just because you are; married to, have lived with, are a parent to someone for years and years, that they necessarily know what is currently making you tick.
  • Wouldn’t it be good to use this platform to share all my biological science knowledge (For 6 year olds), and get some videos from my chemistry friends. Maybe my music teacher friends.
  • This is going to be a long 2 months.

Any helpful tips or tricks?

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