It’s been a whirlwind with a tiny positive spin to it.

Skip to the end of this post to see the “Things I learned” this week.

There seem to be 2 options to homeschooling : one that is super structured – somewhat like mine and the other end of the spectrum that involves kids spooning about all day. I don’t know what the right answer is.

Typical day- we made a musical instrument.


What I’ve done and what I talk about on this website is to help me stretch out and organise my day, otherwise I’d go bonkers. So I’m sharing.

What has been lovely is the wonderful Facebook pages, free tuition and all sorts of online resources that have sprung up, which is what I’ve tried to assemble the best that I’ve come across. Check them out here.

You have to bear in mind that this blog is interspersed with my own experiences of homeschooling, small bits of my job- which has not stopped, and worrying about my husband ( who goes to work at the hospital every day).

One of the bonuses of one person going out everyday is they bring back your food supplies- which have begun to be inventive. I’m still chuffed about my celeriac purée (see post here) and I’ve begun taking pictures of gorgeous vegetables. Yes I think I am slowly going nuts.



My crochet blanket when watching TV looks ‘interesting’ as it’s a hotchpotch of all the old wool I have. However it’s a work in progress so may improve. (See posts for knitting & crochet resources).

Also, I’ve managed to rip the arse out of my jeans- so I’m actually excited to practice sahiko on it (check out link).

One of the positives I have experienced during my 9-3pm school day is the ‘before school time and lunch break’. Never had a lunch break like this before and I have to say, I was missing out.

Damson blossom


It gave me the opportunity to pootle about doing odd jobs in the house and garden while my 6 year old literally ran around in circles with a sword. We’ve got tadpoles so we check in on them every day and there’s a worksheet and video we have madefound here.

It was handy we lucked out on the weather last week- but now that it’s turned bitterly cold we’ll begin to do more indoors.

Over the next few weeks it’s half term so I plan to think about use of inside spaces, maintaining a structure to my day, so the return to homeschool is easier, and keeping up everyone’s morale.

With a 6 year old it seems to be as simple as a SuperZing chart, which if you reach the end of you get a superzing.

If only it were that simple for the rest of us.

Things I learned this week

  1. This is tough, both physically and emotionally for you and all your family
  2. Look after yourself- mentally and physically
  3. Structure your day as much as possible
  4. Create spaces for different activities with your children
  5. Find resources to give you ideas and help- there’s plenty out there.

Keep going. You’re doing great.



Any helpful tips or tricks?

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