I am the fortunate parent of 2 teenagers. They’re lovely- I adore them- but they’re teenagers.

They have a tendency to go off to their rooms and you don’t see them again until mealtimes.

This period of protracted home isolation means that it’s as difficult for them as it is for me and it exaggerates the amount of time they spend alone.

I think personally developing projects is a good way of engaging them and getting them out the one room.

This week the project was that everyone put into a bowl 5 themes- these range from books, animals, ideas - whatever you want- then on Friday you pick your theme out -and then for Sunday afternoon tea you bake a cake in that theme.

Yes. Not only are we reinstating afternoon tea on a Sunday- breaks your the week, punctuates your weekend- but also enforced cake only once a week.

Hopefully this should hold off the morbid obesity that baking constantly with little exercise will bring.

My daughter began the challenge.

She has set the bar high. It took her all weekend.

It’s wonderful what boredom will bring.

Cake- it was delicious.

The only problem?

The bar is set so high now- and it’s my turn next week. :/

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