Cakes during lockdown – we love ‘em

Lockdown is a funny time. It is a time for discovery, a time to appreciate your nearest and dearest and it is a time to organise your time. To paraphrase Charles Dickens; It was the best of times, it was the worst of timesDavid Copperfield One of the things that has worked is cake baking.

Planting peas

Peas are pretty straightforwards as plants to grow. We are all familiar with them and inside each one is all the information to make a new plant that itself will germinate into a pea. If you are interested in growing seeds with your child, watch the video below and the fill in the accompanying sheet.

Observational Skills

Science is all about observation, really. You see things and wonder why. Children have this natural curiosity about them and if you can feed it, then all the better.This section will slowly build up these skills over the next few weeks.We will start with things from my garden- as that is what I have access