Deliveries to your door

The wonder that is modern life has meant that we can now order fruit and veg and have it delivered straight to our doors. I have chosen ODDBOX, as at the time they were the only ones in London still available to deliver. They deliver all the ugly fruit and veg that the supermarkets don’t want.

Thing is, I don’t usually buy some of it- so I will be learning. I’ll post what I did with it here

Don’t look ugly to me


These are the easiest so I’ll do them first. Easy peasy- leave them out and they’ll get eaten. However, I’m trying to ;

  • Get my child to eat a balanced and healthy diet
  • Eat that stuff in the fridge that doesn’t get eaten
  • Buy the things other people have still left on the supermarket shelves.

Natural yoghurt was what I had. Honey on top for that extra sweetness or skip it all together and just have the honey/yoghurt and eat the strawberries.

Strawberries and natural yoghurt


Sexy celeriac

If like me you have seen these things and passed them by- I don’t blame you. However, I asked Sylvan (Le chef) what to do with them.


Options are: Cleriac and apple soup. Celeriac mash.

I went for the mash, it seemed simpler.

So what you do is peel the celeriac, dice it and boil it 1:1, milk: water. When it’s soft, mash it. No need to add butter, although you can if you want.

It wasn’t as smooth as regular mash, but you can take it a step further if you want. I don’t. OMG it was delicious. A bit like the peppery taste you get with leeks or fennel.

BTW- the leeks I sliced and sautéed in butter.


So watch this space as the weeks progress……..

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