Science and art; Pea shoots

Science is  not all boring measurements. Close observation to explain what is happening and improve understanding is  essential in science.

This is the sort of stuff we do in childhood naturally. Except we don’t know it.

Last week we planted peas and I learned a few things to help peas germinate; Click here or the button at the bottom  to go to the link to watch the videoPlanting peas 

For successful seed germination

  • They need warmth
  • They need water
  • They need air

Then I looked at a seed and OMG LOOK AT THE LENGTH OF THAT ROOT.

2 weeks

So before even the seed has grown its got this enormous great root, 6x it’s length.

I suppose you wouldn’t set up your home before you have a water supply- especially if it’s hot weather.

A lot of information about what you seeing passes you by; but if you want to remember something - just try and draw it. A man once told me that to remember any place he ever visited he drew it. Every detail stuck in his memory from then on.

Educationalists know that visual learning is a thing. So I drew the pea shoot - feel free to download it to colour in.

Pea shoot sketch


What did I notice?- Aside from the length of the root, that the leaf was curled up, stem first, like a wrist on an arm- or like my 6 year old put it - a scorpion tail.

A few days passed.....

It had taken 2 weeks for the seed to begin germinating and then within 2 days, the seedling had grown this much..

pea shoot

2 weeks and 2 days

That's just bonkers.

So I decided to draw it. If you like you can down load the outline and copy the sketch.


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