What do tadpoles eat?

The biggest surprise for me with these tadpoles is their voracious appetite and the fact that they can swim upside down

Floating on your back having fun

We transferred the tadpoles from the pond into a jar, then prepared an old fishtank, so forgive the pirate ship.

We made sure there was plenty of pondweed, we were lucky enough get some pond snails, which are automatic cleaners.

The pondwater is the correct pH (Acidity level), and changing this too much is harmful to the tadpoles.

Once they had settled over a couple of days, we lowered in a piece of beef, that had been cooked the night before (a left over).

Wow, is all I can say. I never thought the little things could get so excited- they little tails were wiggling all over the place.



Tadpoles have a snack


worksheets to accompany the video will follow

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