If you hate wasting food, especially if its all you’ve got, then here are some ideas as we progress over the duration of this lockdown.

Tomates Provençale
Tomates Provencale

Mix together chopped parsley, garlic,olive oil and  your old bread. Place over each tomato and  bake in  a medium oven for 15 minutes.

Toasted Sandwich

Mix your leftovers with grated cheese and sauce, like baba ganoush. Put in pita bread and then toast.

Courtesy of Sylvan Le Gleud

Garlic bread

On Friday, I found a semi stale baguette half, left over a week. You couldn’t eat it without ripping out a tooth.

If it is soft in the middle you can quickly blast the bread in a microwave for 10 seconds- It makes the bread go a bit soft.

Mash softened butter and 1 section of a clove of garlic in a bowl. Spread liberally over the top of the bread.

Grill until brown. Add a sprinkle of salt flakes, if its really buttery.


Left over roast vegetables

PLUS: You will need a couple of eggs and whatever cheese you have lying around.

Why not turn them into a delicious frittata.

Too many potatoes?

You can also use up other root vegetables or cabbages and turn them into the classic British dish Bubble and Squeak and Hash browns

Vegetable left overs ( peppers, mushrooms, onions)

Slice them, cook ( either grill or fry ) and put them with some cheese and tomato sauce    (passata, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes- whatever you have) on the base of a pizza.

(find the recipe for a yeast free pizza here). Pizza dough

Off cuts of potatoes, parsnips and root vegetables

Normally for the bin-  if these are fresh enough, put the cut tops  in water and watch them sprout. If they don’t bin them before they get too manky.IMG_9675

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