Kids love toys. They may have had the fun sucked out of learning. Their curiosity dried up.

For some this is a period of opportunity. A time to get your children back to be the happy, curious monkeys you know they are.

There are a couple of online shops in the UK that do that.

One is educational toys- slime, science the planets. You name it. It’s called Bright Minds. Since Covid-19 it has sadly stopped retailing overseas.

The other is Baker Ross, which sells craft projects that frankly are brilliant. They tend to sell en- masse, so you may end up with 6 of everything, but it is cost effective.

Click on the links below to browse the shops and get some ideas for yourselves.

Bright Minds, a Uk retailer specialising in educational toys.
ClPhick on image to access website.
A UK retailer specialising in crafts. Click on image to access website.
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