A meal is not just a means to and end. It can be a source of delight of social interaction and a good way to bond with your child.

Cooking with your children will make a massive difference to your child’s approach towards food- in the future, as they grow up and now as they eat it.

You will find if your child has prepared the meal with you they are more likely to eat it.

Click on the images or the links underneath to go to pages targeted at making children’s food more accessible to both you and them. There are instagram accounts, Facebook and some websites. The livestream ones you will need to have a Facebook account.

Have fun. And I hope you do t run out of eggs

Kids cook with theo

Livestream cookery on the facebook page of The Fuss Free Foodie


Times are UK, GMT.

Click here to go straight to the facebook page of the Fuss Free Foodie

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